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Senior Wolfhounds

Head Coach: Mark Aston

The Ireland senior squad is selected from the best Irish players playing rugby league at the time.

This may comprise of both domestic and heritage players. To be classed as a heritage player one of the players grandparents must be an Irish citizen.

The senior team takes part in Rugby League European Federation and Rugby League International Federation organised competitions such as the Alitalia European Cup and the World Cup.

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Full List of Irish Internationals:


Wolfhounds 'A'

Head Coach: Ged Corcoran 

Team Manager: Brendan Guilfoyle


The Irish Wolfhounds are selected from the Rugby League Ireland All Ireland league.


To qualify for the squad players must compete in the domestic competition. Players who are not of Irish decent may be selected for the squad once they have been resident in Ireland for at least three years.


The Wolfhounds compete in the Amateur Four Nations alongside England, Scotland and Wales.


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Ireland Students

The Irish Student squad competes in the Student Rugby League Four Nations against England, Scotland and Wales each season.


Any Irish based or Irish heritage player who is currently studying in college qualifies to be selected for the squad.


For further information on how to be considered selection please e-mail


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