Rugby League Ireland Live: Ireland vs Papua New Guinea 

Welcome to our coverage of Ireland vs Papua New Guinea at a hot and packed out National Football Stadium.

Pre match talk

Good morning Ireland and Rugby League fans welcome to our live coverage of the Irish Wolfhounds vs Papua New Guinea.

Eleven minutes to go till kick off and the mood has been set with a special pre match performance by the locals.

Source: RLWCTwitter

The teams are in so here is a reminder of how the sides will line up for today’s crucial Group C match.

Ireland squad: 1 Scott Grix 2 Shannon Mcdonnell 3 Ed Chamberlain 4 Michael Morgan 5 Liam Kay 6 Api Pewhairangi 7 Liam Finn (C) 8 Brad Singleton 9 Michael Mcillorum 10 Kyle Amor 11 Louie Mccarthy-Scarsbrook 12 Oliver Roberts 13 George King 14 Tyrone Mccarthy 15 James Hasson 16 Joe Philbin 17 Anthony Mullaly 18 Will Hope 19 Joe Keyes 20 Matty Hadden 21 Jack Higginson

PNG Squad: 1 David Mead (C) 2 Justin Olam 3 Kato Ottio 4 Nene Macdonald 5 Garry Lo 6 Ase Boas 7 Watson Boas 8 Stanton Albert 9 Kurt Baptiste 10 Luke Page 11 Rhyse Martin 12 Willie Minoga 13 Paul Aiton 14 James Segeyaro 15 Wellington Albert 16 Stargroth Amean 17 Enock Maki 18 Moses Meninga 19 Lachlan Lam 20 Nixon Putt 21 Wartovo Puara

Live Coverage

We are minutes away from kick off as Ireland’s call bells out at the National Football.

Head over to our twitter page @Irelandrl and post your thoughts on our game using #IrevsPng.

Kick Off –  We are underway at Port Moresby, Ireland’s Scott Grix kicks off.

1′ Wow!! Kyle Amor is smashed to the ground by the Kumuls attack.

2′ Ireland inside the twenty metres but they lose the ball.

3, PENALTY: Ireland give away the first penalty of the game and PNG kick the ball into touch.

4′ Ireland force a second error from PNG and now the Wolfhounds start their attack.

5′ POTENTIAL TRY: A kick by Liam Finn bounces around and the Irish ground it. But referee says NO TRY!! And goes to vid ref.

5′ TRY!!! Ireland open the scoring it’s given!! The Wolfhounds lead thanks to Michael Mcilorum 4-0 Ireland kick to come.

5′ Finn converts the try to make it 6-0.

7′ Ireland given a penalty even though Liam Kay of the Toronto Wolfpack is dragged into touch.

8′ Ireland go for a kick by Matthew Elliot boots it too long, PNG get a seven tackle set.

10′ Ireland staying strong in defence, they have defended two straight sets.

11′ A brilliant kick downfield is chased by the  Kumuls and Gary Lo finds a gap in the Irish defence advancing 20 metres up field.

12′ Penalty to PNG!

13′ Thirty seconds of errors as Papua New Guinea make their fourth error of the game giving Ireland the ball but then they knock on. Head and feed PNG!

15′ Attack, Attack, Attack. PNG rallying together throwing themselves at the Irish defence but there’s no breaking the Ireland defence.

16′ TRY!! PNG score their first try of the game thanks to Sheffield Eagles Winger Gary Lo who stretches out to make it 4-6. Kick to come.

Score Update: In the other group Italy are defeating the USA 12-0 after 18 minutes.

18′ Conversion hits the post so Ireland keep their lead. 4-6.

19′ After burners on from the PNG contingent but they spill the ball once again. A total of 7 errors from the home side.

20′ Just over the halfway mark of the first half and Ireland lead 6-4. The Wolfhounds starting well in both attack and defence.

21′ The ball is flicked out to McDonall on the right hand wing but he is dragged into touch.

22′ The pace of PNG is showing, they keep finding the gaps with line bursts at the start of every set.

23′ Rhyse Martin knocks on short of the line that was a try that was begging for PNG missed opportunity to take the lead.

24′ Lo with the pace and his passes the ball, but IRELAND intercept the ball. Papua New Guinea struggling to cope with Ireland.

25′ A bit of a scuffle after Ireland knock on inside the opposition half.

26′ TRY!!! Papua New Guinea take advantage of the knock on and Nene Macdonald scores near the posts. 8-6 kick to come.

29′ Another error from the  Kumuls that’s number 9.

30′ Ten minutes to go in the first half and Ireland are trailing 8-6, both sides are far from their best.

31′ Penalty Ireland!! But they elect to go for the tap, surely going for the two would have been the better option?

32′ Ireland passing the ball from left to right and finds Liam Kay who is unfortunately dragged into touch.

33′ The Irish have the ball back and advance forwards thanks to Kyle Amor.

34′ Finn puts the kick up which is chased by McCarthy Scarsbrook but Papua New Guinea catch it comfortably.

35′ PENALTY!! PNG kick the ball into touch as Ireland give away a penalty.

36′ Error after error from the home side, Ireland being given lots of opportunities.

37′ Wolfhounds immediately produce an error of their own!! PNG have the ball back and lead 8-6 with three minutes to go.

38′ A kick into goal by PNG is defused by McDonnell which means we have our first goal line drop out.

39′ WOW what a kick, an 80 metre goal line drop out limits PNG’s momentum.

39′ Just under a minute left can anyone find points before hald time?

40′ 20 seconds remaining of the first half!!

40′ The hooter sounds for half time and Papua New Guinea lead 8-6.

Half Time: Papua New Guinea 8 – Rugby League Ireland 6.

Half Time Talk

Great game for the neutral but the heat is taking its toll on both sides. The Kumuls have made a total of 11 errors compared to Ireland’s 8.

In the group D game Italy currently lead the USA 28-0 with Joe Tramontana scoring twice in the first half.

Source: Premier Sports

Second half coverage will be coming up soon.

42′ Potential Try!! Vid ref says NO TRY, looking at obstruction. (PNG).

43′ NO TRY!! Ball is made dead by Papua New Guinea and boo’s ring out from the stands.

43′ Finn is tackled and gives the ball to Papua New Guinea but the Pumals knock on. Head and feed Ireland.

44′ The attendance for today’s game is 14,800 a sell out at the National Football Stadium.

44′ back underway and Ireland knock on following their scrum. PNG head and feed.

45′ PNG given a penalty and they kick it into touch.

46′ PNG kick into goal and is collected by McDonnell but he is kept in goal and another goal line drop out.

47′ Boom!!! Liam Kay takes a massive hit as the drop out is spilled by PNG and goes into touch.

48′ PENALTY! Ireland have an opportunity to initiate their attack and Mcillorum goes close!!

49′ Ireland put pressure on the  Kumuls defence and a kick is collected by Gary Lo and he sprints out the in goal area.

50′ Ten minutes gone in the second half and no points scored so far.

51′ Ireland get another penalty and kick it into touch.

52′ The Irish cannot find the line as they spill the ball. Scrum to PNG ten metres in.

53′ PNG still playing sloppy rugby here, Ireland need to capitalise on the chances they have been given.

55′ After another knock on PNG are inside Ireland’s 30, could this be a chance?

56′ Nothing comes from the home side’s set, the Wolfhounds have possession once again.

57′ Luke Page leaves the field for PNG and heads for a HIA (head injury assessment).

58′ Forward pass to Liam Kay and a hand over for PNG.

60′ Handbags!!! Punches flying from Brad Singleton but referee gives PNG a penalty.

61′ David Meade!!!! He’s denied by the Ireland defence and Oliver Roberts takes a massive hit!!

62′ 22 minutes gone of the second half no score as of yet PBG still lead 8-6.

63′ Italy now winning 40-0 in Townsvile against the USA.

64′ PENALTY!! Ireland have a penalty twenty metres out… take the two!!!

65′ Ireland tap the ball, taking the two would have levelled the scores.

65′ Grubber kick by the Irish is defused and they tackle the PNG defender on the twenty metre line.

66′ Ireland have the ball after PNG complete their six tackle set.

67′ Both sides lacking that special touch that can see them win the game and with 13 minutes left neither side looks like winning.

Mark Aston talking tactics with Ryan Sheridan.

70′ Just ten minutes to go, can Ireland find a late winning moment.

71′ PNG giving it everything but Finn pulls off a wonder tackle!!!


73′ Hang on to your seats folks this is gonna be a long 7 minutes.

73′ 6 and a half minutes to go, who ever scores now will surely win the game.

75′ PNG kick the ball dead, seven tackle set and Ireland get a penalty.

76′ Minutes to go, and Ireland knock on head and feed to PNG. Head coach Mark Aston on the sidelind… nail biting stuff this!!


78′ TRY!!! That’s it it’s over PNG score and are surely in the Quater Finals, Watson Boas the scorer!! 12-6.

79′ A minute to go, and Ireland will look for the short kick off.

80′ THE HOOTER SOUNDS AND PNG ARE VICTORIOUS!! Ireland’s hopes of making the knock out stage hangs by a thread.


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