Rugby League Ireland Live: Wales vs Ireland

Welcome to our live coverage of  the Group C match between Ireland and Wales live from Nib Stadium in Perth.

Pre Match Talk

Welcome to our coverage of Ireland vs Wales, apologies for the late start this was due to technical difficulties. 

Team news will be with you very shortly, if you’d like to get involved in our coverage use #RLIrelandLive or DM @ethanogormanrl on twitter. 

Here are the squads for Ireland vs Wales: 

Wales: 1. Elliot Kear 2. Rhys Williams 3. Michael Channing 17. Ben Morris 5. Regan Grace 6. Courtney Davies 23. Josh Ralph 8. Craig Kopczak 14. Steve Parry 16. Ben Evans 13. Morgan Knowles 9. Matty Fozard 10. Phil Joseph 11. Rhodri Lloyd 12. Joe Burke 15. Matthew Barron 18. Andrew Gay

Ireland: 1. Scott Grix 2. Shannon Mcdonell 3. Ed Chamberlain 4. Api Pewhairangi 5. Liam Kay 6. Joe Keyes 7. Liam Finn 8. Anthony Mullally 9. Michael McIlorum 10. Kyle Amor 11. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook 12. Will Hope 13. Brad Singleton 14. George King 15. Matty Hadden 16. Joe Philbin 17. Oliver Roberts

A massive with for PNG against the USA means that this game will be played for national pride but I’m sure both sides will be giving it their all.

We are moments away from kick off at NIB Stadium in Perth but first we have the National Anthems. 

Live Commentary

Out come the sides and now for the national anthems of both sides.

Ireland are in their white and green away strip whislt Wales are in their red home kit. 

1′ Wales get the game underway through Elliot Kear as Ben Thaler blows his whistle! 

1′ Liam Kay runs 30 metres up field for the Irish but a try saving tackle is made by Elliot Kear. 

2′ Ireland get another set as they force a goal line drop out.

3′ Good goal line defence by Wales as McCarthy Scarsbrook spills the ball. An Wales will get their first touch of the ball.

4′ Michael Channing chases the kick down, but Liam Finn collects the ball comfortably and another Ireland set.

5′ Kick by Finn bounces out of play and Wales get a seven tackle set from the 20 metre line. 

7′ TRY!! Api Pewhairangi collects a pass from Michael McIlorum. Ireland lead 4-0.

8′ Finn converts: Ireland 6 – Wales 0.

10′ Wales back on their own ten metre line, Ireland have 72% possession whilst Wales have 18%. 

11′ PENALTY Ireland.

12′ Scarsbrook tries to offload but Ireland knock the ball on inside the Welsh twenty. WALES SCRUM.

13′ PENALTY Wales due to offside.

14′ Wales break through but they lose the ball, both sides producing errors early on. 

15′ Ireland come close but a bad pass by Liam Finn is dropped by Shannon McDonnell on the wing. A chance gone begging for the Irish?

17′ Joe Keyes puts in a chip and chase but it’s collected smoothly by Wales.

21′ Aggressive defence from both sides as Joe Keyes is down injured. 

21′ Keyes back on his feet and will leave the field, a big loss for Ireland in this game, been playing well this game aswell.

21′ Oliver Roberts comes on for Joe Keyes.

24′ Regan Grace dives over but the touch judge rules he was in touch. Ireland survive a brutal Welsh attack.

25′ PENALTY Ireland

26′ Ireland 20 metres out and Wales defend well in this area of the field.

26′ Ed Chamberlain spills the ball, McDonnell was waiting on the wing. Wales get the ball back.

29′ The weather really effecting both sides, temperature is 31 degrees. But Wales have the ball 40 metres out.

30′ Head and feed to Ireland on their own twenty metre line.

31′ TRY!! Oliver Roberts pushes through the Wales defence stretching his arm over. 10-0. Kick to come. 

32′ Liam Finn converts for Ireland and makes it 12-0.

33′ Matty Hadden is on for his first World Cup match for the Irish. 

33′ Ireland working their way up the middle, Wales are looking strong in areas. 

34′ PENALTY Ireland.

35′ TRY!! Wales can’t cope with Irelannd as Joe Philbin stretches over the try line. 16-0.

36′ Finn nails the kick 18-0.

37′ Wales have a head and feed, quick hands by Channing and Regan Grace advances forward.

37′ PENALTY Wales.

38′ Wales have a chance to get themselves on the board before half time. 

39′ Square in the air!! Ben Thaler says TRY! Ireland captain Liam Finn goes over. 

39′ TRY!! Wakefield and Ireland captain Liam Finn forces his way over to make it 22-0 to the Wolfhounds. 

Half Time: Ireland 22 – Wales 0

We will be back with secons half coverage soon.

40′ The second half is underway, Scott Grix kicks off.

42′ Wales defend the first Ireland set well. 

44′ PENALTY Ireland

45′ Wales are defending well so far in the second half, great goal line defence as they keep the Wolfhounds at bay. 

47′ Wales inside Ireland’s 30, they are showing a lot of strength going forward. John Kear’s team talk might have worked.

50′ Boom what a shot by Brad Singleton!! Wales get a head and feed though.

52′ A high kick by Finn is touched by Regan Grace and is deemed a knock on by Ben Thaler. Ireland have a head and feed.

54′ Oliver Roberts goes close, and the ball goes to Finn who puts a kick up, and Rhys Williams catches the ball for Wales. 

55′ PENALTY Wales

56′ Wales put a kick in but it’s defused by the Wolfhounds defenders.

57′ Philbin knocks on for Ireland, head and feed on the halfway line for Wales. Can the Welsh capitalise on this error by Ireland?

58′ Yes they can!! Ben Morris finds the gap and on debut he touches down to make it 22-4.

59′ Courtney Davis converts the try and Wales make it a 16 point game. IRE 22 – Wales 6.

60′ Philbin attacking well and we have a possible try as Oliver Roberts stretches over for what might be his second try of the game. 

61′ NO TRY! Roberts is deemed to have grounded the ball short of the line and lost possession after. 

63′ Wales get a scrum 20 metres in their own half. 

64′ Ireland have made a total of 1289 metres so far compared to Wales who have made 784.

66′ TRY!! Oliver Roberts gets his second of the game, he sees a gap and finds the gap in the Welsh defence. Ireland 26- Wales 6.

67′ Finn kicks the goal 28-6.

68′ Wales with the short kick off and awarded a penalty straight away. Wales ten metres out. 

69′ Singleton with a massive hit and the “Irish terminator” is doing a cracking job in defence for the Wolfhounds. 

70′ Ten minutes left can Wales or Ireland end the game with a bang?

74′ TRY!! Ireland shift the ball from right to left and Liam Kay gets the ball and dives over in the corner. Ireland 32 – Wales 6.

75′ Finn converts 34-6.

76′ Wales get a short kick off and they start another attack on the Ireland line.

78′ Wales force a goal line drop out and can Wales finish on a high.

79′ Just a minute left of play and Ireland have the ball, Wales showing their soccer skills as they try to get a late four pointer. 

80′ The hooter sounds and Ireland have won their second game of the World Cup they can go home with their heads held high. 

Full Time: Ireland 34 – Wales 6.

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in to our World Cup coverage over the last two weeks. 


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