Rugby League Raffle Winners Revealed

McGettigan’s and Rugby League Ireland ran a raffle competition toward the beginning of the 2017 World Cup with flights, and accommodation in McGettigan’s 5*

Bonnigton Hotel in Dubai including €500 spending money!

The prizes don’t stop there, people who entered were in with a chance of winning Wolfhound T-Shirts, Polos and of course jerseys.

Rugby League Ireland thanks everyone who entered the raffle and who shared our posts, by doing so, you supported the game in Ireland!

Results below, cue drum roll…

DUBAI – Aidan Buckley


  1. Shaun Cummins
  2. Anne McGoldrick
  3. Harry Dunne
  4. Russel Proudfoot
  5. Barbara mcAllister
  6. Peadar Gilligan
  7. Michael Holt
  8. Malcolm McGivern
  9. Dave Beegan
  10. Thomas Tsay

POLO Shirts

  1. Graeme McWilliams
  2. Tony healy
  3. Richard Leahy/Healy
  4. Patrick o Keeffe
  5. Richard Deignan
  6. Niall Geaney
  7. Paul Bradley
  8. Paul Cullen
  9. Martin Daly
  10. Michael Banahan


  1. Brad Newman
  2. Cassie white
  3. Julian Pringle
  4. Celine Szpara
  5. Andrew O Brien
  6. Pat o Neill
  7. Kevin McLoughlin
  8. Joel Davis
  9. Pete o Neill
  10. Daniel Sharples

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