Mouthwatering Match-Up for Longhorns in Challenge Cup

Longhorns RL have drawn National Conference League amateur side West Hull ARLFC in the first round of the Challenge Cup. 

The draw sees the All Ireland champions travel on the 27th or the 28th of January 2018 where they will face a difficult challenge.

Longhorns RL Chairman Mick Aughey, has welcomed the draw with excitement ahead of the first Irish team to play in the Challenge Cup in nearly 20 years.

“Hull is a city steeped in Rugby League tradition with 2 Super League clubs and 3 top level community clubs. If you’re going to develop as a club you have to play amongst the best and this is a great opportunity for the Longhorns.”

In Northern Ireland, Development Officer Steve Hogan, indicated that this will be a match that will be remembered from in both Ireland and in England:

“The Longhorns couldn’t have been given a more impressive draw, they are up against one of the biggest teams of the last 20 years, a team that is an absolute giant of the amateur game.  Make no mistake, this will be the biggest challenge many of our lads will have ever faced on a rugby field when they head over to Hull.”
“They have an opportunity that isn’t afforded to many and knowing them as I do I believe they will put their hearts and souls into this, I wish them all the very best.”



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